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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ask me about my hometown ...

I found this photo from my hometown newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, showing the beauty of our industrial working Harbour and the diversity of Marine life that lives there. After living in Japan I was surprised by this photo, it looks to me like a tropical holiday destination. I guess I took it for granted when I lived there, but I'll see it in a whole new light when I move back in October.

See for yourself:


At 11:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I completely disagree with you about the bomb. Did you know that the Japanese government knew about the A-bomb before it was dropped on their people? They knew that it was a weapon being developed, but they did nothing to inform their people.
The whole population of Japan was just completely brainwashed. They still are. That is their culture. And in fact, that is what 'culture' is. They take the concept to extremes. I watched a play in Nagoya about young Japanese boys going to war. They addressed NOTHING of the fact that it was strange.
You argue that the US 'tested' the bombs on the Japanese people. Of course. Everthing in the world is a test.
And the develpment of the technology brought a massive amount of peace in the world for a long time. The US WANTS to be number one. What country doesn't? Peru? The fact is that the closer the top countries get to being the 'top', the more competative they become. How many countries want to compete to be at the very bottom? Zimbabwe?? They DON'T compete.
And now it's China's turn?
I'mm sorry, but I can only accept a democracy. The US is a place where everyone can get a fair say.
Regarding the bomb. I'm glad I live in an Americanised world. Not a Japanese cult.
Culture = cult.
Heritage is better.
Of course the bomb was terrible. And so would a major earthquake in Tokyo. Can you imagine what kind of devistation that would bring? And there would be no good that would come out of it.
But the Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki eventually brought peace.
I have read the letters that were written by the people that developed and dropped the bomb. They had NO regrets.
And now the Japanese are starting to forget that lesson. It's typical.
Japan is not - was not - will never be and CAN NOT be number 1. Neither can China. There is a reason that the US was number one. They have huge deserts and and excellent humam resources - not to mention the best allies. Think about how many times the US has landed on Mars successfully - landed on the moon...
I can only agree with world peace. Japan was wrong. They never brought world peace with their contribution to war.
Even the Germans eventually envisioned peace. The Japanese never had that kind of a plan. They only wanted more resources.
It's the same thing that China is doing now. In the end, though, the world is going to favour the American way. Everybody wants to be number one. But only America can be it.
I am not American. I do not support war in any way. Nor do I believe that might is right. But if somebody starts walking over others, I would hope somebody else would have the balls to hit that bully over the head.
I know you disagree with me. But I just think that if I support anybody, I support the Americans.
And the bomb cut the war short and allowed most of us to live in a very agreeable way. We moved on.

At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to be an angry douche to get your point across.

At 6:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea japan was warned by the U.S. that we will end the war if you dont surrender..and japan back then didnt surrender for anything so we bombed them. they still didnt surrender so we bombed them again...they deserved it

At 5:49 am, Anonymous Tex Lee said...

This is a terribly written and researched article with a biased anti-American American counter culture conspiracy theorist vision. Japan was well informed of the Atomic bomb and that the US Military would be using it if Japan did not agree to an unconditional surrender. Aside from that Japan's military and government was committing atrocities that was killing million's in occupied territories including allied forces. Japan never would have surrendered to Russia just as Germany did not. The entire shock of the A-bomb seems to surround itself in the ability to kill large masses of people in a half second. So quickly they didn't know. Killing is horrific and conventional warfare was just as bad. The after math that followed was terrible but testing the bomb in the dessert never lead to the finding's of "black rain" because there is no precipitation in the Nevada sky for it to collect in. The Japanese government and military where so committed to not surrendering that the US had to drop another A-bomb. These bombings saved millions more lives worldwide and Japan and brought an unjust government to justice paving the way for a peaceful society that respects its citizens today. Much as we have. Thank god Eienstein and other German scientist made it to the US and helped build us a better society. Are you a liberal??

At 5:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't find any truth in your blog, what we did find was another Anti-American hater, comfortably typing stateside.

Shameful really. How can you type all the stuff about child labor? Mind control, you give them a pass?

People like you scare me. You're misinformed and hate our country.

At 12:14 am, Anonymous Poker Texas Holdem said...


At 7:06 pm, Anonymous Queenslander in Okinawa said...

Many Aussies (including my friends back home in Cairns) don't know that actually Japan has quite a few amazing tropical islands that can easily rival the remote islands of Queensland.
Check the photos from these beautiful southern islands of Japan:

At 6:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're so sad i feel sorry for you, i hope this negativity doesn't rub onto your child.


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