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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Japan is eating our whales

The Japanese government wants to increase its whale consumption, hidden under the thin and pathetic guise of "research" (does counting whales need to involve killing and eating them?) to include endangered species of whales, and now seals, living in Australian territorities in Antarctica. What's next, Dolphins???

The Japanese believe it is their right to eat everything that moves. They won't stop until they're all fucking sumo-size.

How can anyone even contemplate eating endangered animals? How dare they use science as an excuse to rape Australian territories and our beautiful creatures.

In Sydney we celebrate the joyous return of wildlife to our harbour, we are thrilled to see whales dancing with ferries and dolphins entertaining guests in Darling Harbour, populated almost entirely by (you guessed it) Japanese tourists who come to Australia to take wedding photos in big frilly white pavlova-cake dresses infront our our beautiful waters because they're too lazy and dirty to clean up their own waterways.

The countdown is on to the day I leave. I'd leave right now if I didn't have my fiance and impending marriage to consider. I shouldn't be here when I so adamantly disagree with what they're doing.

Maybe I should start wearing my shoes in temples and doing everything I know to be culturally rude, after all I find their attitude towards Australia's protected whales to be outragiously offensive.


At 1:43 pm, Anonymous Provi said...

I am SO glad that you have this blog, but in a way reading it makes me sad. I used to really want to go to Japan, so much. It was like my passion, and still is, just, altered. After much of what I am reading about Japan, so much of it is negative. I wish we could throw it up on a billboard and show it to the Japanese people and say "Here! Look! See?! This is you!". I myself have not been to Japan yet of course, but reading all of it dissapoints me, since, even though it's the internet, and you can't take it word for word always, I believe a good majority of it does have some credibilty since it's coming from real people, who don't write that sort of stuff for no reason. Slowly my fire was dousing, but perhaps, I should take it all as a warning so that I won't be suprised and shocked, but be able to enjoy and focus on the positivr aspects of when I do go there.

-provi, USA.

At 10:52 am, Blogger said...

I am torn too. Japan has some beautiful things, but some things about Japan are absolutely disgusting like whale hunting, sex industry, war crimes of WWII, xenophobia... Ugh.


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