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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spring cleaning in the middle of winter.

My sister is coming to visit, she should arrive on my doorstep (or call me because she's lost) any second now. So we spent the entire day cleaning the house.

Actually, we started on the cleaning on Thursday, and did some more last night (including an hour and half's worth of bathroom scrubbing) but we didn't get finished until now. We had to throw out 5 bags of garbage, because Jeremy and I are both horders, only he hordes about 5 times as much as I do. Which means he has more to throw out, but is still taking up the majority of our storage space with his stuff.

So he forced me to go through the supposed electronics drawer holding our unused electrical cords, and put all his medical and personal supplies in a box, just to make some extra room before he started filling the tool drawer with electrical cords. Well, in the end he had too much stuff for the box I allocated to him, so into the tool drawer went the rest of his junk.

Regardless, our apartment looks frebushe. I hope we can maintain it, but I could probably wager a substantial amount of money that it won't last much longer than my sister is here. However, I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, and the smell is down to a vague musty stench that is very easy to get used to.


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