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Sunday, January 23, 2005

What is that funky smell?

I spent the greater part of today (after getting out of bed) trying to defeat the bad smell that has become my existence. I think I will have to re-wash all the sheets and towels because they're musty, but I've already got three loads of washing on the line and I've run out space.

I took all our shoes out of the shoe closet and put them outside to air. Then I battled a war with the shelves and, after loosing some skin, managed to get the shelf holders out and then I could remove the shelves and put them outside to air with the shoes.

Grabbed my spray of kabi kira and wiped down all the shelves and the shoes. Then I left them to air some more and headed for the 100 Yen shop to buy silicon-filled air dehumidifiers. They have a limited life and I may well be better off getting an electric one, but I've spent enough on electronics recently, what with the recent purchase of a vaccuum and heater.

I've pulled out the set of drawers from the cupboard in the spare room and I'm letting it air out using the money-chewing reverse cycle AC. All the sheets and towels that were in the drawers are now hanging out on Jeremy's futon, which will probably need airing again soon.

I washed the toilet room, it was a bad smell on its own. I bought a new toilet brush to replace the disgusting one that has been infesting our toilet room until now. The toilet now smells fabulous, if only I could say the same thing for the rest of the house.

I tried to look under the floor with a torch, but I couldn't see very far. Anyway, I'm still convinced the smell is moldy and not a dead animal, but at this stage and after so much agony I can't rule anything out.


At 12:29 pm, Blogger Eliza said...

Update: Don't know if it's because of my cold and subsequent broken nose, but the smell seems to have dissipated dramatically.

I guess all my scrubbing and cleaning paid off?


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